Create Watercolor Effect for Photos in Photoshop


Excellent technology to create a watercolor effect offers Wdremix. This tutorial uses a little used but very useful and functional tool for architectural paint brushes. Another option is useful for us to create a new image for the photo. But first we give the original photo colors HDR, then impose a watercolor effect, and then apply a layer mask for decorating large watercolor brush strokes. In general, everything is quite simple, but effective.

Step 1.
Choose a suitable photo. For example photos of nature.

Step 2.
We make a duplicate layer and press Ctrl + I to invert. Then press Ctrl + U in order to cause a dialog box “Hue / Saturation» (Hue / Saturation). Move the slider to saturation as shown below. Then change the layer mode to “Overlay» (Overlay).

Step 3.
Photo acquired such nuances.

Step 4.
Now on the toolbar, select the tool “Architectural Art Brush» (Y). In the default package Dry Media Brushes choose a suitable brush.

Step 5.
Now go to the palette of “History”. At the bottom of the container click on the icon “Create a new image» (New Snapshot).

Step 6.
Now, using the brush set as shown below, in small strokes convert photo to watercolor picture. After creating a new layer, fill it with white and place it under a layer of water-color picture.
Create a great photoshop watercolor effect for photos

Step 7.
While on the layer with watercolor picture, create a layer mask. The menu item “Layer» (Layer)> «Layer Mask» (Layer Mask)> «Show All» (Reveal All). After we choose a suitable watercolor brush (B), set the foreground color to black and while on the mask layer, careful movements click the brush. If you practice, you get something like this.
Create a great photoshop watercolor effect for photos


Step 8.
Using a watercolor brush, you can make a new layer a few colored watercolor brush strokes. They can adjust the opacity of the layer.
Create a great photoshop watercolor effect for photos

Step 9.
Now take the original picture, desaturate it, will reduce the opacity to 50%, and set this layer as “Overlay» (Overlay).
Create a great photoshop watercolor effect for photos

Step 10.
Should get a result here.
Create a great photoshop watercolor effect for photos

http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/9939/56745141.jpgStep 11.
Now we have to write some text, and our watercolor poster ready


by designonstop

this tutorial was in russian language and converted in english by sunny

so please if u like it so leave comments

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